Media Contacts

Direct all media inquiries to:

Jaclyn Cochrane, US-based 

Arti Mohan, UK-based 



Vimal Chauhan, US Power & Development 

Kevin Knight, US Renewables (Central)

Jim Mras, US Renewables (West Coast)



Sachin Dubey, Asia Pacific

Ajay Gupta, India

Guilherme Carvalho, European Renewables

Ahmed Bahei-Eldin, EU, Middle East & Africa

Global Public Capital

Guto Davies, Global ECA Advisory

Subha Nagarajan, DFI Advocacy

Complaints Handling

In accordance with GE Capital Limited regulatory requirements, you may register a complaint here.

If this complaint relates to legacy GE businesses, please follow the links below:

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Public Disclosures

In accordance with GE Capital Limited Investment Firms Prudential Regime (“IFPR”) regulatory requirements, you may view IFPR Disclosure Statement here.