If we receive any customer complaints, we commit to investigate and respond in a timely manner, as expected of us a professional of the financial sector under Luxembourg law.

If you have a complaint about a loan transaction, please in the first instance write or send an email to your PK transaction manager. If your complaint relates to our services as security trustee or agent, please write to us at our Luxembourg office address or to the email address you have in your documents for our security trustee or agency department.

When contacting us about a complaint, please include details of the background to the complaint, how and why you feel we have failed to meet your expectations and how you would like us to remedy this. Please include any relevant documents or correspondence you wish to rely on and provide your full name and the contact details you would like us to use to respond to you. Thank you.

We will respond to you within 10 working days of receipt of your complaint. If we have not resolved the matter with you by then, we will confirm the contact details of the person who is handling the matter for you here, provide a view on when we anticipate completing our investigation and request any further information we believe is necessary to do that. If we cannot answer or resolve your complaint within a month of receipt, we will inform you in writing of the reasons for that.  

If you feel that the response from us is unfair or unsatisfactory, you may appeal directly to the director in charge of complaint handling:

Mr. David Bartlett
European Bank & Business Centre, 

6D route de Treves,

L2633 Senningerberg,


Potential Out of Court Resolution of Complaints

Without limiting and subject to the law and jurisdiction terms agreed in any transaction documents, if you are dissatisfied with our handling of your complaint related to our financial services activity, or have not received our answer to that complaint within a month, you may refer your complaint to the Luxembourg financial regulator for possible out-of-court resolution under CSSF Regulation N°16-07 and Circular 17/671. The requirements for this are set out on the CSSF website.

Please note that to avail of this process, you must first have sent the complaint to the PK Director in charge of complaints (as noted above) and either not received a response from us within a month or, having received our response, consider that response to be unacceptable. Please be aware that you must also submit a request to the CSSF no later than one year after sending the complaint to us.