Aviation Financing

Aviation Finance

Keeping your business in flight is a serious task. So when searching for a financial partner, it's important you find one that truly understands your industry. Having built the first U.S. jet engine, GE knows the aviation industry. And we've been financing the industry for more than 45 years. With more than 270 customers in over 80 countries, GE Capital offers an unmatched selection of aircraft and engine leasing and lending options tailored to your business needs.

Industry Specializations:
  • Aircraft Associations
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Preferred Aircraft Dealers/Brokers
  • Helicopter Manufacturers
  • Commercial
  • Marine
  • Military
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Aviation Financing Leasing


From operating leases to finance leases, we offer a full range of leasing solutions for commercial aircraft, helicopters and engines to help customers optimize cash flow and provide flexibility in fleet management.

Commercial Aircraft

Leasing solutions for narrowbodies, widebodies, regional jets, turboprops and freighters.

Commercial Aircraft Engines

Engine leasing solutions for GE, CFM, IAE, Rolls-Royce, and Pratt & Whitney engines.


Leasing solutions for medium and heavy class helicopters.

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Multiple secured loan options for aircraft, engines and spare parts.

Commercial Aircraft

Provider and arranger of asset based financing on commercial aircraft.

Commercial Aircraft Engines

Secured loans on GE, CFM, Rolls-Royce, IAE and Pratt & Whitney engines.

Spare Parts

Loans for spare parts on select commercial aircraft.

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With our vast inventory of aircraft and engines, we buy and sell aircraft and engines with investors, we also maintain a warehouse of over 100,000 certified aviation parts for trade around the world.

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Aviation Consulting

We provide management solutions for commercial aircraft and engines, and aviation consultancy services that specialize in providing airport solutions and airline planning.

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