Ryan Zanin

Chief Risk Officer / GE Capital

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Ryan Zanin

Ryan Zanin is the president & CEO of the Restructuring, Strategic Ventures and Insurance Group. He is responsible for working with GE Capital’s strategic joint venture partners and he oversees operations of both commercial and consumer businesses in restructuring as well as the insurance businesses of GE Capital.

Ryan joined GE Capital in 2010 with more than 25 years of experience in financial services specializing in risk management. Most recently, Ryan served as chief risk officer for GE Capital until early 2015 when he assumed his current role.

Prior to that, he was the managing director and chief risk officer for corporate credit and risk management at Wells Fargo & Company, where he oversaw international and capital markets activities. Ryan also served as the managing director and chief risk officer for the corporate and investment bank at Wachovia Corporation. Before that, he spent 14 years in senior leadership roles across Deutsche Bank, AG.

Ryan is a Chartered Financial Analyst and graduated from the Institute of Canadian Bankers and the Canadian Securities Institute. He served on the boards of GE Capital Corporation, Wells Fargo Bank International and Wells Fargo Securities.

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