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Clarence Nunn Clarence Nunn

GE Capital’s greatest asset is its people. At GE Capital, diversity is about the power of the mix and the strengths that results from a team with varied experiences, backgrounds and styles. Our diversity fosters a limitless source of ideas and opportunities.

The collective talents, differences and experiences of our employees are essential ingredients in our ability to grow and succeed. Our ongoing commitment to hiring the best and retaining a diverse workforce provides a competitive advantage in the markets we serve. We are a global business operating in a global market. There are over 50,000 GE Capital employees worldwide. Of these, more than half are based outside of the U.S.

Embracing Diversity

Diversity Leader Shelle Cleveland with Curtis Howse

Diversity Leader Shelle Cleveland with Curtis Howse, Manager of our Retail Finance Diversified Client Group at the NABA National Convention.

The GE Capital recruiting team in action at one of our various networking events

The GE Capital recruiting team in action at one of our various networking events.

Valuing differences challenges us every day to broaden our perspectives and learn from others. We value our culture where everyone is respected and valued for his or her contributions.

At GE Capital, we work every day to build a culture that values and rewards diverse experiences among its employees and recognizes the role that collaboration plays in success.

We’re 50,000 unique individuals, shaped by all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. See how our strength comes from our differences, and learn why if you stand out, you’ll fit right in at GE Capital.

Affinity Networks

Our growing affinity Networks include these organizations:

African American Forum The AAF provides employees with mentors, seminars, networking, and career discussion. The forum also contributes to the development of local African American communities.
Asian Pacific American Forum The APAF supports the Asian Pacific American community with a career development network while promoting broader awareness of differences in Asian and American cultures.
GLBT Alliance GE's commitment to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities is supported by the GLBT Alliance, as well as our offering of benefits for domestic partners.
Hispanic Forum The Hispanic Forum supports coaching, mentoring, role modeling and the recruitment of Hispanic talent. It also reaches out to Hispanic communities with service and corporate sponsorships.
People with Disabilities Network The PDN exists to foster an inclusive environment in which people with disabilities can shine in ways that are uniquely possible at a company like GE.
Veterans Network The GE Veterans Network is a community of employees that provides support for the recruitment, transition and career development of military veterans at GE.
Women’s Network The rapidly growing Women’s Network supports the professional development of women around the world by sharing the wisdom of successful women role models.