• The Operations Playbook
    New Research The Operations Playbook

    More than two-thirds (68 percent) of C-Suite executives in U.S. mid-sized firms say it is highly or somewhat challenging to maintain improvements from operational methods such as Six Sigma, Lean or Total Quality Management. According to a new report from the National Center for the Middle Market, mid-market leaders can manage their operations as a four-part system to sustain and achieve higher levels of effectiveness.

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  • Middle Market Indicator Q2 2014
    Middle-market finance Middle Market Indicator Q2 2014

    The 10 th edition of the Middle Market Indicator shows confidence at an all-time high among middle market executives, with 68% saying they were optimistic about the US economy and their growth prospects. Learn more about how middle market revenue growth and job creation is outpacing both small and large businesses in the 2014 Q2 Middle Market Indicator.

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  • Middle Market Indicator Q1 2014
    Middle-market finance Middle Market Indicator Q1 2014

    The first quarter of 2014 marked resurgence in growth for the U.S. middle market. Less uncertainty originating in Washington has middle market revenue and employment growth far outpacing both small and large businesses. Middle market companies are poised to invest capital to purchase new equipment, make acquisitions, and even surpass job creation projections for 2014 by half a million.

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  • Middle Market Indicator Q4 2013
    Middle-market finance Middle Market Indicator Q4 2013

    U.S. middle market companies continue to be the economic engine for the U.S. economy, reporting 5.0 percent revenue growth last year – five times faster than the S&P 500. Looking ahead to 2014, mid-sized firmed are moderating their outlook, citing continued government uncertainty is stifling economic growth and federal policy uncertainty has impacted their business planning.

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  • The State of Healthcare in the U.S. Middle Market
    Middle-market finance The State of Healthcare in the U.S. Middle Market

    While healthcare reform debates wear on in Washington, the nation’s 200,000 mid-sized businesses are facing a projected $1.3 trillion in healthcare costs this year. Rather than dropping coverage for their employees or accepting status quo costs, U.S. middle-market companies are embracing four new healthcare delivery solutions that could help them save as much as $200 billion, according to a new report from the National Center for the Middle Market.

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  • The Leading Edge
    Leadership The Leading Edge: How GE Defines Good Leadership

    Cultivating the best leaders can mean the difference between success and failure in today's business world.

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  • The Strategic CFO
    Leadership The Strategic CFO: Charting the Course for GE Capital

    Today's Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are playing a larger role in strategic planning than ever before.

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  • The Evolution of Sales
    Growth and Innovation The Evolution of Sales: Social. Mobile. Open. Better.

    The CRM technology that is available today is so radically different, that it is creating what one might call "bionic" salespeople.

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  • Optimizing Working Capital
    Finance Optimizing Working Capital: How to Deploy Liquidity and Create Value

    Managing cash flow on a day-to-day basis is more critical than ever. Experts from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and GE Capital discuss ways to get a grip on credit worthiness, risk and other factors affecting working capital.

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  • Aligning Sourcing with Strategy
    Growth and Innovation Aligning Sourcing with Strategy

    How does an organization like GE maintain product quality and control, avoid the risk of supply-chain disruption, and keep sourcing practices aligned with senior management's objectives?

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  • Managing Quality
    Growth and Innovation Managing Quality: Begin with Your Customer

    To survive and thrive in the marketplace today requires that your company infuse quality into every aspect of its operations. Learn the 3 essential elements of quality identified by GE experts.

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  • Adapting to Regulatory Change
    Growth and Innovation Adapting to Regulatory Change

    How can companies get ahead of the constant barrage of new rules and laws? GE Capital offers a perspective.

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  • GE Capital Australian Mid-Market Report
    Middle-market finance GE Capital Australian Mid-Market Report

    While the Mid-Market represents only 1.4% of businesses, it provides one third of all business revenues and employs more than 3.2 million workers, so what matters to these businesses, matters to the Australian economy.

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  • 2012 Business Leader Summit at the New York Stock Exchange
    Access GE 2012 Business Leader Summit at the New York Stock Exchange

    Industry experts and business leaders share their views on access to capital, digital strategy, and the macro events currently moving the markets.

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  • Advancing Sustainability 1.0 to 3.0
    Sustainability Advancing Sustainability 1.0 to 3.0

    The business case for sustainability is compelling — even for companies tightening purse strings. Experts from GE and Wharton offer their insights on how to create value for shareholders, customers and communities while balancing constraints on natural resources.

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  • European SME Capex Barometer Q1 2012
    Growth and Innovation European SME Capex Barometer Q1 2012

    GE Capital's second European SME Capex Barometer takes an in-depth look at SMEs' business sentiment and capital expenditures in Europe's leading economies, as well as key Eastern European markets.

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  • Construction Equipment Survey
    Construction Construction Equipment Survey

    A GE Capital survey reveals that construction equipment dealers are optimistic about the year ahead.

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  • Global Innovation Barometer 2012
    Growth and Innovation Global Innovation Barometer 2012

    GE's latest report on innovation compares executives' perceptions of innovation across 22 countries.

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  • Visualizing the Middle Market
    Middle-market finance Visualizing the Middle Market

    The Middle Market not only accounts for a third of private sector GDP and jobs, but over the last four years, it has been leading the way in terms of viability, resilience and growth. View this visual interpretation of the key findings from GE Capital and Ohio State University's largest-ever study of mid-sized companies.

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  • The AR Factor
    Middle-market finance The AR Factor

    In a first-of-its-kind report, GE Capital takes a look at the value accounts receivable finance is creating in Europe's four largest economies, and finds higher levels of uptake could unlock even greater potential.

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  • GE Capital Mid-Market CFO Survey
    Middle-Market Finance GE Capital Mid-Market CFO Survey

    U.S. CFOs still see opportunities despite the challenging outlook for U.S. and global economies.

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